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The miracles described in the Bible are not fairytales. There was a virgin birth. Jesus really was resurrected.
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  1. Updated Web Pages
  2. Unnecessary Confusion
  3. Titus 2:11-15
  4. Respect For God's Name
  5. The Turning Point
  6. Understanding God
  7. Christianity Under Attack
  8. Where did God come from?
  9. Is Hell For Real?
  10. Forgive and Forget?
  11. Reality Check
  12. Big Bang Nonsense
  13. Standing Before God
  14. Reflections Column
  15. Heirs Of The Kingdom Of Heaven
  16. Pain And Suffering
  17. Book Of Romans Explained
  18. Confessions
  19. The Truth
  20. What About Grace?
  21. Is Isaiah 7:14 A Prophecy Of Jesus?
  22. A Monument Of Faith And Strength
  23. A Special Thanks...
  24. My Beliefs
  25. Why Are We Here?
  26. Once Saved Always Saved?
  27. Is The Bible All Lies?
  28. Praise God To The Highest


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